How Nevaeh’s Life Changed For The Better With Her Freedom Concepts Bicycle

At only 7 years old, Nevaeh West is a baseball player, a two-time adaptive triathlon participant, and a future cheerleader. She cycles two to three times a week and goes to therapy for a minimum of four hours per week.

Nevaeh was born with cerebral palsy and bacterial meningitis – meaning the first few months of her life were spent in the hospital. Constant fevers and seizures led to significant brain damage but, through it all, she is never alone.

Christa West, her mother through adoption, has been by Nevaeh’s side the whole time.

“The doctors told us that she may never even sit independently, let alone crawl or walk,” said Christa. “I was just kind of like, “Whatever. I’ll show you.”

Christa was looking for something to give Nevaeh the reciprocal “one foot in front of the other” motion when she saw a photo of an adaptive bicycle on social media.

After doing some digging, Christa learned about Freedom Concepts. She contacted us and, from there, the fundraising process began.

Before long, she had raised more than enough money to buy Nevaeh a Freedom Concepts bike and ended up donating $1,000 towards an adaptive bike for another child.

“The Freedom Concepts bike has been huge in increasing her overall mobility,” said Christa. “It gives her the movement in her legs that she needs to build up strength. In our world and mindset, nothing is off-limits for Nevaeh. We’ll always find a way.”

If you, your child or someone you know would benefit from an adaptive bike, please contact us. We have relationships with alternative funding sources across North America in order to offset, or in some situations, completely eliminate the investment amount in our products.